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Finding Active Users by Date with DAX

Reza Rad takes us through the subscription pattern:

One of the common patterns of a data model is the subscription pattern. In this pattern, we have subscriptions (or tickets, or issues, or whatever else you want to call it) open date and close date. The way that this data is stored in a table makes it a bit challenging to get informative insight out of it. In this post (first of the series), I am going to explain about the subscription pattern and one of the common calculations needed for it; which is active subscribers at any given date, or open tickets at any given date.

In case you’re curious, here’s a solution which works in T-SQL. I’ve really taken to event-style tables, where there’s one row per state change, so instead of having a begin date and an end date for each action, have a row which contains the date and the type of action. This makes operating on the data a lot easier, though it does make rules preventing common entry problems (end date before start date, etc.) a bit trickier.