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Pasting an R Plot into Word

Eran Raviv takes us through converting a plot in R to work with Microsoft Word:

In this post you will learn how to properly paste an R plot\chart\image to a word file. There are few typical problems that occur when people try to do that. Below you can find a simple, clean and repeatable solution.
When you google how to paste a plot from R to a word file you find that there are some solutions. But they are not satisfactory. For example, stackoverflow highest-ranking reply offers to use the Rstudio button to export your plot as an Enhanced Metafile (EMF) format. Couple of things wrong with it: the first is that you need to start messing around with the device scaling, because the export remembers the port dimensions. The second is that the word file is often not the final version. For better readability\representation we often convert the word to a pdf format before sending\publishing. But then you get something funny which you may have seen before, and drove some people insane consumed much of some people‚Äôs time, myself included:

Also check out the linked blog post for additional insights into why this happened.