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Another Way to Upgrade SQL Server 2017 Containers to 2019

Anthony Nocentino gives us another option for upgrading SQL Server on containers:

Yesterday in this post I described a method to correct permissions when upgrading a SQL Server 2017 container using Data Volumes to 2019’s non-root container on implementations that use the Moby or HyperKit VM. My friend Steve Jones’ on Twitter wondered if you could do this in one step by attaching a shell (bash) in the 2017 container prior to shutdown. Absolutely…let’s walk through that here in this post.  I opted to use an intermediate container in the prior post out of an abundance of caution so that I was not changing permissions on the SQL Server instance directory and all of the data files while they were in use. Technically this is a-ok, but again…just being paranoid there.

Click through for that process. The good news is that with upgrading from SQL Server 2019 to SQL Server 202x, I wouldn’t expect that we’d need to go through this again, as the process would stay non-root forevermore.