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Debugging Code in R

Marina Wyss walks us through debugging techniques in R:

There are many ways to approach these problems when they arise. For example, condition handling using tools like try(), tryCatch(), and withCallingHandlers() can increase your code’s robustness by proactively steering error handling.

R also includes several advanced debugging tools that can be very helpful for quickly and efficiently locating problems, which will be the focus of this article. To illustrate, we’ll use an example adapted from an excellent paper by Roger D. Peng, and show how these tools work along with some updated ways to interact with them via RStudio. In addition to working with errors, the debugging tools can also be used on warnings by converting them to errors via options(warn = 2).

Read on for a survey of what’s available in R. It’s a lot more than writing a bunch of print statements. H/T R-Bloggers