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A Primer on Survey Analysis

Federico Pascual has a long primer on survey analysis:

When it comes to customer feedback, you’ll find that not all the information you get is useful to your company. This feedback can be categorized into non-insightful and insightful data. The former refers to data you had already spotted as problematic, while insightful information either helps you confirm your hypotheses or notice new issues or opportunities. 

Let’s imagine your company carries out a customer satisfaction survey, and 60% of the respondents claim that the pricing of your product or service is too high. You can use that valuable data to make a decision. That’s why this data is also called actionable insights because they either lead to action, validation, or rethinking of a specific strategy you have already implemented. 

Survey design and implementation can be pretty difficult. This article does a good job pushing you away from some of the pitfalls around it.