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IIS Log Analysis in Power BI

Joy George Kunjikkur shows how you can build a Power BI dashboard to analyze IIS log files:

As developers, we all might have encountered situation of analyzing IIS web server logs. During the development time, the file is small and easy to analyze in Notepad or Excel. But when it grows to GBs in production servers we use other tools. One such popular tool to query IIS logs is LogParser. It is a free command-line tool from Microsoft. There are graphical applications around it to generate even charts. One such free tool is the Log Parser Studio. It is also from Microsoft.

Once we move up in career and had to deal with managers, product stakeholders or ever to CXO to show what the IIS logs say, we need more visuals or a dashboard reflecting the IIS logs. Though we can create visual using Log Parser Studio, it is tedious creating reports and charts one by one. 

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