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Management Studio Query Shortcuts

Michelle Haarhues shows how you can use query shortcuts in SQL Server Management Studio:

Back in the day, with the introduction of programs like Word and Excel, I used keyboard shortcuts to make my job easier.  Then we started using a mouse and reduced the number of keyboard shortcuts I used.  It took me a long time to switch from the keyboard shortcuts to the mouse.  Now I am back to using shortcuts, especially in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).  Microsoft allows users to create shortcuts that, if you use them, could make your job easier.  Setting up the shortcuts in SSMS are pretty simple.

My shortcuts are all around running sp_whoisactive: Ctrl+F1 gets results back the way I want, Ctrl+3 shows only my sessions, and Ctrl+4 gives me more details (like execution plans) when I’m willing to wait the extra time to get them.