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Inline U-SQL Functions

Damien Widera shows us how to write inline functions in U-SQL:

Now let’s go to the new thing – undocumented usage of inline functions. My function is pretty simple and I can imagine that function you will write could be as simple as mine but your functions will probably do something more useful. To simplyfy the coding process you could use inline function in your USQL script and not have to write any code in the C# file.

The could could look like this:

DECLARE @in string = "/Data/Aircraft/2006ByMonth/{*}.tsv";
DECLARE @out string = "/Data/Aircraft/2006ByMonth/out/CSharpFunction.tsv";
DECLARE @func Func<int,int> = (s)=>{return s+1;};

Things which make languages look more like functional languages generally get a thumbs up from me.